Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You G.P Ching and The 17 Day Diet!

Today was amazing! I had to go out of town for another doctors appt. I was 30 minutes early and FORGOT my Kindle! I even joked with the receptionist about forgetting it. They got behind and I had to wait another 30 minutes. I could have been reading!
Anyways, my cell phone died on the 2 hour drive to the appt. so I had no communication all day with anyone in my life. (It was pretty nice!) *lol* After my appt. I shopped all over the place since I live so far from a town that has more than one grocery store. So after midnight I finally got home. It's now almost 2AM and everything is put away and I've just checked my emails and had my phone charging since the minute I got home.
Here's the amazing stuff that's happened:
I won a book called Soulkeepers from the contest she was having on her blog by G.P. Ching at..

And because of that same contest she was having on her blog, I won

And also because of her blog I won
And by the same author
Stacey Wallace Benefiel
I also won, from this SAME contest

And I'm not finished yet!
It's a long story of how I received this book by UPS...but on my way home I picked up a hardcover book that I won! I won this one from a blog contest ran by Missie at
Here's the book by Jon Skovron

And hold up...one more thing I won today! After my phone charged, I checked my messages. I actually got a phone call from a woman telling me that because I was an active poster on the 17 Day Diet blog, I won a Soda Stream!


 I should have gotten lottery tickets today! And the weird thing is, I got on the wrong freeway after my appt. and was headed to Calif for a minute there. Calif is only 30 minutes from where I was! I don't live in Calif. *L* We don't sell lottery tickets in this state at all. I should have kept driving.

Thank you very much G. P. Ching! You made my day today SWEET!


  1. If I had your luck I would head to a casino.

  2. Wow! Congratulations. I've read The Soulkeepers and Glimpse and loved them both!

    What a great day for you. :)

  3. Thanks Angela! Looking forward to reading all of these books!