Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Saw Donald Wells and G. P. Ching at Barnes & Noble!

I love having no neighbors and choose to live in a small town. There are some downfalls, but having no neighbors makes it worth it to me. I had to see my doctor today which is 90 miles each way, and when I do that, I shop. A lot. But not the hoarding kind of shopping, which is a show I recently discovered and nearly puke at every episode. That show is like a car wreck! I can't help but watch it. I saw my doctor and knew I also had to grocery shop unless I wanted to pay 6 bucks for a gallon of milk in my town. But before I went grocery shopping, I treated myself to B&N. I had seen another blogger post about an idea and I went with it. I walked into B&N, saw their 6 displays of the Nook and went to work. Only 2 were available so I went to those and...I did it! I was so excited! I left B&N with 2 Nooks laying on their display counter showing 2 books.
Donald Wells...The Fix It Man and G.P. Ching...The Soul Keepers were the 2 authors I left showing on those 2 Nooks!
I shop about every 2 weeks or so and now I have something else to do besides shop! I have now added B&N to my to~do list and leave them with some authors that others can check out! Next time I'm bringing a list with me in case I get to play around with all 6 Nooks!