Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Saw Donald Wells and G. P. Ching at Barnes & Noble!

I love having no neighbors and choose to live in a small town. There are some downfalls, but having no neighbors makes it worth it to me. I had to see my doctor today which is 90 miles each way, and when I do that, I shop. A lot. But not the hoarding kind of shopping, which is a show I recently discovered and nearly puke at every episode. That show is like a car wreck! I can't help but watch it. I saw my doctor and knew I also had to grocery shop unless I wanted to pay 6 bucks for a gallon of milk in my town. But before I went grocery shopping, I treated myself to B&N. I had seen another blogger post about an idea and I went with it. I walked into B&N, saw their 6 displays of the Nook and went to work. Only 2 were available so I went to those and...I did it! I was so excited! I left B&N with 2 Nooks laying on their display counter showing 2 books.
Donald Wells...The Fix It Man and G.P. Ching...The Soul Keepers were the 2 authors I left showing on those 2 Nooks!
I shop about every 2 weeks or so and now I have something else to do besides shop! I have now added B&N to my to~do list and leave them with some authors that others can check out! Next time I'm bringing a list with me in case I get to play around with all 6 Nooks!


  1. God bless you Gabriella. I finally made it into Barnes & Noble.
    PS--I hope the doctor gave you good news.

  2. You looked so good in Barnes & Noble! From about Oct. each year, to Dec., I end up shopping every week up there. I'll make sure to leave you there for all those Xmas shoppers.
    It was really fun doing that!
    The Doctor laughed at me because I went in there and said to her, "I called off sick last weekend from work, can I have an excuse please?"
    She gave me one, so it was great news!

  3. Gabriella

    I tweeted your blog today on twitter. That's what we twits do, we tweet. By the way, do you have a twitter account?
    I'm not sure if you're interested, but Book Four of The Ocean Beach Island Series will be released on Kindle in about three weeks. It's already available in paperback, but wait the three weeks and I'll send you a free copy.
    The name of the book is: Of Tongue And Pen

  4. My wife does that too - switches the samples on Nooks or Kindles to my books. Too funny. She's the promo guru. Has gotten my books in most of the local bookstores for me. Heck, she even 'sold' the e-version of my books to a family while we were at a Japanese steak house, while the cook had the big flame thing goin' on. And I'm the opposite - NEVER mention my books. (But she never mentions her photography.)

    And I don't know any of my neighbors - which is a good thing - I think.

  5. I need to get a twitter account! I keep forgetting to do that. This time, right after I post this, I'm going to go get an account. I LOVE your books Donald..but you don't have to send one to me for free.
    Hey David..I wrote down your name on my to~do list for my next shopping trip! Since your wife is the promo guru...what else does she have up her sleeve? I have a huge city I shop in, so any ideas to get your names out there would be great! What about flyers? I also need to find out who sells Kindles besides Amazon. Then I can hit up other stores besides B&N. I love the steak house story! *lol*
    My closest neighbors are a few miles away. Even they probably don't know how to get to my house.