Monday, March 28, 2011

Joe Konrath and Donald Wells

I love reading Joe Konrath's blog. I am discovering books I might not have known ever existed. I read a few pages of his book named Serial and it scared the hell out of me already! The night I read it I had a nightmare about someone sitting on top of me slicing my eyelids! Just like in his book. I am determined to finish reading that book but thrillers really do a number on me. I don't know why, but thriller movies do the same thing.
I found Joe's tips and I am reading that every day without fail.
I also started reading a book by Donald Wells, The Fix It Man. I am loving this book! I'm not too far into the story yet but I had to jump on here and say I love this book. I will be reading books from the few others that have commented on this blog as well.
I discovered that more friends than I knew of have Kindles. So now we send each other links to their books on Amazon and we all read them together. It's been really fun discussing them!
Ok..I'm jumping off because I want to see what happens next with Johnny and Felicia!

I finished the book by Donald Wells. I LOVED it! I love reading the kind of book that you just can't put down...and this was one of them. I stayed up almost all night to finish it. It was great!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Gift From My Sister!

My sister gave me the best present ever! I have talked for YEARS about publishing my stories. I have tons of them. My love for writing began when I was 9 years old. I lived on a dead end street with 26 houses and 34 kids. At 9 years old I hand made my first newspaper. At 91/2 years old, I had to ditch the newspaper. I would write about whatever us kids were doing and anything else I had seen on our street. Apparently some of my weekly gossip sections weren't appreciated when I would tell all about Mr. Smith visiting Mrs. Jones from across the street and they weren't married. Not to each other anyways. I didn't understand then...but I do now.
Sorry about those 2 divorces! present. So my sister came to visit me and saw *the box*. It is filled with stories. She lectured me about not sending any of them in. Some of these stories are 20 years old!
I told her that I just might have found a place to publish my books, on Amazon. She didn't really know what to think so I sent her to a blog. This one..
I told her that by this June I'd be able to buy a Kindle. Buying one is a luxury item to me and I always feel guilty spending that kind of money on myself. It's not that I'm cheap, it's more of a matter of how many pairs of childrens jeans can I buy with that money?
Today I received a package from my sister. She sent me a beautiful dark red robe with my initials embroidered on it, slippers to match, candles, a ceramic mug filled with exotic teas and a Kindle in a black leather case!
When I opened the Kindle, I saw a note from my sister written on a little card. It said, "Konrath is your mentor, do what he says!"
I called my sister to thank her. What an awesome gift she gave me! She told me that she had spent her 2 days off from work reading Konraths blog and she thinks he would be my perfect mentor. She said that once she read his blog, she knew there was no time to waste until June, I had to have a kindle so she sent me one. I told her he has definitely inspired me and I am addicted to his site. In the few weeks that I have been reading his site, I have sent about 10 people to go read it. They are all itching to write now.
My biggest dilemma now is...which of his books to read first?!
Konrath will be my first.
And he'll never even know it.