Monday, March 28, 2011

Joe Konrath and Donald Wells

I love reading Joe Konrath's blog. I am discovering books I might not have known ever existed. I read a few pages of his book named Serial and it scared the hell out of me already! The night I read it I had a nightmare about someone sitting on top of me slicing my eyelids! Just like in his book. I am determined to finish reading that book but thrillers really do a number on me. I don't know why, but thriller movies do the same thing.
I found Joe's tips and I am reading that every day without fail.
I also started reading a book by Donald Wells, The Fix It Man. I am loving this book! I'm not too far into the story yet but I had to jump on here and say I love this book. I will be reading books from the few others that have commented on this blog as well.
I discovered that more friends than I knew of have Kindles. So now we send each other links to their books on Amazon and we all read them together. It's been really fun discussing them!
Ok..I'm jumping off because I want to see what happens next with Johnny and Felicia!

I finished the book by Donald Wells. I LOVED it! I love reading the kind of book that you just can't put down...and this was one of them. I stayed up almost all night to finish it. It was great!


  1. Gabriella, I clicked on your blog and saw my name beside Joe Konrath's and thought I was seeing things. Joe is my indie hero and who I want to be when(if)I grow up.
    And oh my God, thank you for the praise for my book. Those last few sentences made my month(They would also look good as an Amazon review).
    What kind of writing do you do? And how many books have you written? I look forward to reading your work when it's up on Kindle.
    Again, thank you for the praise.

  2. Donald..I loved seeing your name up there with Joe's. It made me smile. He's my hero. I've been reading his tips every single day. Now I read his blog before I even check my emails. His blog, my emails then his tips. I feel like a groupie.I totally spaced not leaving a review for your book, but it's done now. It's also my first review. I'm learning my way around Amazon right now. I also got your other books and I want to read Double or Nothing first. I love the cover! Last night I was asked at least 10 times, "WHEN are you going to stop reading that book and WRITE?!" *lol* I seriously couldn't put it down.
    I have nothing published. I finished another one today but I feel as if a child has written it. I need to find one of those groups that reads other peoples writings and see what they think before I embarrass myself by putting something up there. My family members are the only ones who have read anything I've written and I'm afraid they tell me "yeah yeah it's great" because they love me.
    I'm going to go read your next book now.

  3. Thank you for the review. I have the same problem, sometimes I read so much that I don't write enough. Writing comes fairly easy for me once I'm obsessed by an idea. I wrote The Fix-it Man in about five weeks and then spent the next year and a half on editing and re-writing. I hope you enjoy my other books, particularly the Ocean Beach Island Series,(I can't seem to stop writing those.)but make sure you leave time to write and edit. Your idea to get peer review is a good one and should help you a lot. Again, thank you for the review.

  4. I have the same problem with nightmares. My husband is crazy about horror movies but I can't watch them. I saw a zombie movie 8 years ago and it's STILL giving me nightmares.

  5. Hi Jimmie! The last horror movie I saw was The Omen. Many many years ago. I haven't watched another one since then and that was back in 76' I think. I am a full fledged wimp with that stuff! My husband loves horror, fantasy and anything action packed. I could do without the blood, guts and scary stuff. I always choose something that makes me laugh.

    Hey Donald! I finished Double or Nothing the other day and this time remembered to leave a review. *L* I loved the characters in that book! I now remember to bring my Kindle everywhere I go for any down time I might have, like waiting at appts. I saw a purse at Barnes & Noble that has a side pocket for their Nook. The ones I saw were more like totes which are too big for me to carry around, but I did like the idea of it. Anyways...I had my Kindle with me the other day as I was waiting to see someone and pulled it out. I was reading your book and started laughing out loud. A few people looked at me funny and then asked me about the Kindle. I showed it to them and they were reading the page I had been reading and 2 women wrote your name down and said they had heard about *these Kindle things* and if they get one they're buying that book.
    Now I'm starting your Ocean Beach Island Series. :)