Thursday, May 19, 2011

G.P. Ching, Belinda Frisch, Megg Jensen, Nicholas La Salla, & Donald Wells On The Nook

I went out of town again today, this time with my son, my partner in crime and spent some time in B&N. I had my camera with me and I went to work uploading indie books. This employee came up to me and said, "Can I help you?" And before I could answer him he said, "I don't think you can take pictures in here." I slyly replied, "Oh sure I can, watch!" I snapped a picture of Soulkeepers that I had up on the Nook. Then I showed him the book pic on the camera and said, "See? It worked!" Then my cell rang and I ignored him and answered the phone walking away from the Nook. (It was my son calling).

A few minutes later I went back to the Nooks that were displayed. I had my son with me again. He was my lookout. He knew I had a list with me of books I wanted to leave showing on their Nooks. He would stand on the opposite side of the display case and whisper, "Tell me when you're ready." I'd get everything up and I'd tell him, "Ok, it's done." Then I'd have to wait for him to tell me when the coast was clear for me to snap another picture.
It was sooo hard trying not to laugh and being sly at the same time. Oh...and this is a brand new camera I got for Mother's Day. So I had no clue how to use it. I had to go to Walmart to buy a memory card for it, then drove to B&N and put the card in the camera in their parking lot.

I was not happy with the pictures as I kept getting the lights from the ceiling reflected on the picture. On the last picture, which was "Crisis Hospital" by Belinda Frisch, I had my son stand next to me and he held up his hand over the camera to block the light. It didn't turn out very well at all. By now a good half hour had gone by and I figured I was pushing the whole "Oh look how cool this Nook is!" thing. I didn't put up the other books I had wanted to. As we were standing there trying to shield the light and take the picture, my son whispers,
"We're being watched."

It made me laugh the way he said it. Like we were trying to get away with some big heist or something. I grabbed the picture and we walked away pretending to be interested in something else. I couldn't even tell you what we were looking at. I couldn't stop laughing which made my son laugh and his laugh is funny as hell so I laughed even more.
We were a wreck!

My son walks up behind me and whispers, "LET'S GO!"
So these are the shots we got...sorry if they're not that great. Between using a new camera for the 1st time, laughing for half an hour, and nearly wetting my pants, this is what we ended up with.
I promise to do better next time.

As for the Nook...I don't like it. I had the worst time trying to figure out how to use the thing. I love my Kindle!
And why are taking pictures of a Nook so bad? Do I LOOK like a computer geek that can figure out how to make one? I don't think so!
And Megg...if you see this...I wore heels with my jeans! *lol*


  1. Oh! Thank you for the love! What an unexpected, pleasant surprise.

  2. I'm honored to be one of your selected few. You know what's hilarious? I do this, too. It started as a dare from my husband, but now I can't pass an e-reader display without leaving one of my books up for the next person. LMAO. It is so fun! I think we should ALL do this. It's especially fun when the salesperson's manning the Nook Color sales desk.

  3. Whooohooo!!!! Now where's a pic of those heels??? :D

    Thank you!!!! LOL!

  4. Thank you both for stopping by! It was really fun...and I seriously couldn't stop laughing the whole time. I need to make friends or something with that Nook guy. I tried to talk to him the last time I was there, but he's not very sociable and looks at everyone with suspicion. *L*
    My to have B&N salespeople hold up a display Nook with an indie author each showing on the Nook they are holding up. I'd love that as a group shot!
    I wish I could have had me and my son whispering across the display to each other, on tape. "Mom, are you ready yet?" "Mom, pick it up and act like you're looking for buttons or something." "Mom, don't look to your left, you have eyes watching you." And then me, "Are they still looking?" "Can I put it down now, I want to get this book up there!" We were totally Black Ops. *lol*
    And Megg..I told my son, "I need a pic of me wearing these heels before we leave." He laughed and said, "I wonder if I can photograph the actual wobbling you're doing in those heels. They're probably watching us because they think you're drunk!" *lol*

  5. Thank you once again. I'm officially offering you a job as my publicist.

  6. Donald, sorry about the white dots in the picture. I'll do better next time. I'm going to spend some time learning about this new camera I have. I'm sure I can make those not happen for next time.
    I just read your message to my son and he laughed. He had fun doing this with me. B&N pissed him off so he said he wants to do this again, soon, and put an indie book on every single Nook at their display. He already had me make a list. *lol*

  7. Ok, I guess I'm totally out of the loop. Why are you working so hard to get photographs of certain book covers on the nook? I guess I'm missing the big picture here. Can you fill me in or is it top secret, only on a need to know basis, lol!

  8. I'd tell you...but then I'd have to...
    Just kidding.

    You'll think I'm lame but here goes. I have written since I was 9 years old. Now here I am..many years older than that and I realized...I don't have my whole life anymore to get these published. It's now or never.
    So I started looking online for publishers and what did I find by complete accident?
    Joe Konrath's blog.
    I nearly peed my pants after reading his blog.
    ebook publishing?
    I was so excited I couldn't stand it. I spent 2 solid days reading everything in his blog. I would read the comments made on his blog and I liked what I was seeing from so many others and got curious about them. Then I made this blog so I could follow them and see what they're all about.
    Not yet.
    They inspired me and have made me feel like I too can do this, to follow my dream which I've had for sooo many years.
    After I got my blog up, a few people from Konrath's blog started following me. They were really nice and posted on this blog and I started reading their books. I had read a book by Donald Wells first. Not long after that I had to take a trip out of town for an appt. & groceries. My town has one grocery store so there are no bookstores here. I went to B&N and saw their display of Nooks. I put some indie authors that were following me on my blog, up on those Nooks in hopes that shoppers at B&N would find them. I was so excited to do that! *L*
    We're at the stalkerish part now...*lol*
    I came home and told my son, who is also now writing, that the next time I go out of town I wanted him to come with me and help me to put these authors' books up on those Nooks and I wanted to use my new camera to do it with.

    The next time I went out of town, my son came with me and that's what we did. I learned I can never be a spy as I was sooo obvious from laughing while taking these pictures. I thought it would be fun to show the authors what I had done.

    Now because of that experience, my goal is to get every Nook at that B&N store with an Indie author up on their displays, AND have B&N employees holding up the Nooks showing those titles so I can get a picture and post it on here.

    Does that sound stalkerish? I really hope not. I'm just excited to discover this whole ebook thing and I have loved meeting authors thru the internet. The authors following me on this blog have just been so damn sweet! It really amazes me. They are willing to help others instead of stabbing them in the what I'm used to. If they're willing to take time out of their writing to respond to little ol' nobody me on this huge world wide web, it's the least I could do to leave their titles up in a store like B&N for someone else to stumble upon and hopefully buy their books when they get home. I just thought it would be cool to do and show pics of my madness. *lol*
    I really had fun doing this with my son as we laughed our asses off at how the employees kept looking at us.

    So now you know the deep dark secret.
    Watch your back.