Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Am I Doing?

Perfect picture for this week.
My questions are driving ME crazy! So I figured I'd share.
I'm not looking for answers, just venting.
Can't decide if I should buy a house or add on to mine.
Or maybe just build one myself.

Look how cool this one is! But I have NO trees where I live.

 Or what about this one?

This could be my office! I love the colors on this one! about this?
I would LOVE a real swimming pool!


  1. Nice post. We bought a house three years ago but the sellers were not honest with us regarding the property's quality. A few days after we moved in, on my birthday, the ceiling fell in.

    From then on, it was like the movie Money Pit with Tom Hanks. We recently put it up for a short sale. We're hoping for good news.

    Owning your own property though definitely has its own perks. You don't have to answer to anyone. If the dog craps on the carpet, as long as you can deal with it you're fine. If the kids drop an apple on the floor at 3 AM, you're not pissing off the guy beneath you.

    It's a beautiful thing to do your own thing.

    And I would LOVE a tree house like that. I wonder if that's a real place? I just want a place out in nature, where every day you can look outside and see the beautiful way the world REALLY is, rather than the side of another building.

    Best of luck to you on your search!


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  2. Hi Nicholas!
    I fell in love with that tree house! I already own quite a few acres so I could put anything up on here. Anything except a tree house! *L* I live in the desert with no trees whatsoever.
    And this tree house is a real lodge! Check out this link. It's called the Amazon Lodge!

  3. I like the second one! It's really interesting. I would be concerned with bugs, squirrels and draftiness with the tree house one... cause trees grow... and houses don't like to change sizes.

  4. Loving that tree house! I couldn't live in one since I'm a clutz and would fall down the steps every damn day.

  5. I swear if I had a tree like that I'd build one of those houses. I love it! But I also love the 2nd one.
    Put a real pool with that 2nd house and I am sold!